Progressive Yoga, was born out of the idea that one must start working on the physical health first, before reaching the level of mental health. In today’s world when no one has time to even think anything beyond their jobs, family and day-today chores, Progressive Yoga, is here to make people aware of the most important thing..

Our Sessions

Group Sessions

Group Sessions, are conducted in groups with about 5 to 15 participants, having similar goals and similar conditions.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions, are tailor made, conducted one to one, depending on what the participant wants for him/ her. Private Sessions are

Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions, are strictly restricted to individuals who need customized class in order to cure/control and health conditions, like Hypertension,

Fitness & Wellness Yoga

Yoga has been time tested to help individuals of all ages to achieve flexibility, stamina, strength, agility, endurance, fitness, sound mental health, better sleep, better posture and a overall well-being.


Corporate / Desktop Yoga

It is the type of Yoga, which is conveniently practised at workplace, where we don,t have enough of time and space for typical mat yoga. Chair/ Desktop Yoga is a combination of simple stretches, bending, and twisting which can be easily performed by the employees, sitting on the chair during the working hours while they are at break. The best part of this type of Yoga is, one can practise it in formals and without having a mat (at the workplace). This helps in employees to relax their body during long working hours and prevents them from having health issues because of long sitting hours.

Our Presence

Progressive Yoga studios are conveniently located at prime places of the Hyderabad city @ Banjara Hills and Begumpet. With state of art facilities, perfect ambience and experienced instructors, the journey with YOGA is assured to be enriching. With facilities like showers, lockers, changing rooms, private rooms, ample parking etc., convenience will be been taken care of.

Our Clients

ts state police
aditya birla
black knight
yashoda hospital
ca technologies

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