Hasya Yoga is a practice involving prolonged voluntary/ involuntary laughter. Laughing as a physical exercise and can be practised regularly, either in a group or individually, for good physiological and psychological benefits. It is the type of practice where some exercises are done in order to make you laugh. Laughing being the main element of this practice, stress-buster is the major benefit. In this practice, along with laugh, some breathing exercises are also practised. The combination gives immense calmness and relaxation of mind after lungs load of laughing.

– Helps in increased feeling of joy, one’s sense of humor
– Brings people together and gets people connected
– Improves blood circulation to the visceral organs
– Reduces Stress, Anger & develops higher threshold for pain
– Increases Lung Capacity
– Assists to Sleep, Improves Cardio Vascular Health, Depression and Anxiety
– Strengthens Immune System, Relaxes Body & Mind