It is a practice in which the postures of Yoga (Asana) are practised on the mat in a particular pattern. Starting with general warm-up, postures in sequence like standing, supine, prone and sitting with pranayama at the end, winding up the whole session with brief relaxation session (in shavasana). There are 2 types in Mat Yoga-
a) Hatha Yoga & b) Power Yoga

a) Hatha Yoga: It is the type of Yoga in which the Asanas (Postures) are practised in a particular pattern, with a break for few seconds between each Asana. This type of yoga is ideal for beginners and for people with any health condition and restricted flexibility.

– Irrespective of the age and health conditions, this type of session is easy and comfortable for all.
– This practice will help in improving the flexibility, stamina, and strength that helps in focusing on body alignment.
– Helps in relieving chronic conditions like chronic pains, Hypertension CKD etc.,

b) Power Yoga: Power Yoga is the format of Yoga practice in which the Asanas (Postures) are practised in a sequence, one after another, with a set of 5- 7 Asanas, back to back without any break. Participants are expected to finish the set of Asanas. It is intense form of practice and would need lot of endurance, stamina, flexibility and strength to finish the whole session.

– It is good and recommended for people looking for challenging yoga practice, and specially to those who already have involved with other physical activities, like Running/ Jogging, Gym, Swimming, Pilates etc.
– This type of session serves improvement of endurance, stamina, flexibility and strength. Along with these benefits, it also gives weight/ inch loss on regular practice.