About Progressive Yoga

Progressive Yoga, was born out of the idea that one must start working on the physical health first, before reaching the level of mental health. In today’s world when no one has time to even think anything beyond their jobs, family and day-today chores, Progressive Yoga, is here to make people aware of the most important thing, that they need to start investing their time and energy, on ‘Health’ in all the levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In Progressive Yoga, the practice is not kept limited to the physical level, at the same time, doesn’t push the new practitioner to match up with the old and experienced practitioner. Progressive Yoga, is a right place where your practice progresses with time and dedication. Making Yoga part of your lifestyle will help the individual in achieving a completeness.

Meet the Team


Dr Rachana Verma

Senior Yoga Consultant, BNYS

A healthy body leads to healthy mind, says Rachana Verma and she speaks from experience. From a family where everyone practiced yoga, she was initiated at a young age. "I have seen and experienced how yoga impacts one’s health and lifestyle, and that’s why I decided to pursue it as a career", she says.

She comes up with this new form of Yoga, where the intensity of the class is been progressed as the class proceeds,hence the name Progressive Yoga.

Our Presence

Progressive Yoga studios are conveniently located at prime places of the Hyderabad city @ Banjara Hills and Begumpet. With state of art facilities, perfect ambience and experienced instructors, the journey with YOGA is assured to be enriching. With facilities like showers, lockers, changing rooms, private rooms, ample parking etc., convenience will be been taken care of.