Ardha Matsyendrasana Posture

The word “ardha” is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “half”, “matsya” meaning “fish”, “indra” meaning “king” and “asana” meaning “posture” or “seat”.

Steps To Be Followed:

  • Sit with your legs straight and your feet together.
  • Keep your spine straight and your hands beside your body.
  • Now bend your right knee and place your right foot below your buttocks.
  • Bend your left knee, place your left foot on the outer side of your right thigh, your left knee should be 90 degree to the mat.
  • Now cross your right hand over your left thigh and hold your left ankle.
  • Place your left hand behind, turn your trunk and your head on your left.
  • Stay in this posture for 7-10 breaths (each breath must be 6-8 seconds).
  • Now turn your trunk and head to the centre, release your right hand and place your both hands beside your body.
  • Stretch your legs and relax.
  • Repeat it on the opposite side.


  • It helps in increasing the flexibility of the spine.
  • It helps to improve the capacity of the lungs.
  • It helps in improving the functioning of reproductive organs.
  • It helps in strengthening the back muscle and spine.
  • It helps in curing indigestion and constipation.


Severe back pain, Neck pain, Lumbar spondylosis, Pregnancy.

Disclaimer:- Please practice under the supervision of Yoga Teacher/ Yoga expert