It is a medical condition in which excess of body fat is accumulated to an extent that it starts havimh negative effect on health and gives rise to other health conditions too, like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroid, etc. Generally people are considered to be obese, when their body mass index (BMI), a measurement obtained by dividing a person’s weight by square of the person’s height in metre, is over 30kg/ m2.


  • Suryanamaskara (Sun Salutation)
  • Ardha Chandrasana (Half- Moon)
  • Veerbhadrasana-I (Warrior-I)
  • Veerbhadrasana- II (Warrior-II)
  • Utkatsana (Chair)
  • Uthansana (Standing-forward-bend)
  • Phalakasana (Plank)
  • Vashishtasana (Side-Plank)
  • Badhkonsana (Butterfly)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Sitting-Half-Spinal-Twist)
  • Halasana (Plough)
  • Sethubandhasana (Bridge)

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