Uttihita Hasta Padangustasana Posture

The word “uttihita” is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “extended”, ”hasta” meaning “hand”, “pada” meaning “foot”, “angusta” meaning “big toe” and “asana” meaning “posture” or “seat”.

Steps To Be Followed:

  • Stand straight with your legs together.
  • Lift your right leg bending your right knee, get it closer to your abdomen on the right side.
  • Now get your right hand between the right thigh and abdomen, hold the outer side of your right foot with your right palm.
  • Straighten your right knee and hold it infront of your chest such that your right leg is parallel to the mat and maintain balance in this position.
  • Now slowly swing your leg towards your right such that it forms right angle to the mat.
  • Keep your left hand stretched at shoulder level.
  • Stay in this posture for 7-10 breaths (each breath must be 6-8 seconds).
  • Now slowly release your hand drop your leg on the mat and relax.
  • Repeat this with left leg.


  • It helps in strengthening the legs, ankles.
  • It helps in improving balance.
  • It helps in stretching the hamstrings.
  • It helps in improving concentration.


Ankle injury, Severe pain in the lower back, Lower back injuries.

Disclaimer:- Please practice under the supervision of Yoga Teacher/ Yoga expert